August Vilella: Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams is a solo exhibition by the Spanish Tokyo-based artist August Vilella, which showcases a series of new paintings featuring his iconic big-eyed figures are displayed, guiding the audience to penetrate the subconscious mind through reflective gazes.

Throughout the series presented, you can see the contrast between his creative methods and works. The work is unforgettable with its extraordinary and unique imagery, which embodies his ability to show mystery and stylized forms through the precise exploration of colors and shadows, bringing viewers into the surrealism of their hearts.

Like his innovative predecessors, working under the surrealist automatism approach, the artist creates his paintings without any sketches or ideas. On the contrary, when he visits his materials, each piece is drawn from his subconscious mind. In the process, he created his big-eyed characters, they are the souls that appeared in his mind, introducing their dreamlike world to the viewers. His style and technique form an interesting juxtaposition with his creative method. He used fine brushstrokes to paint thin layers of oil paint and varnish on the canvas. He also played with light and shadow, which produced a higher dramatic effect, vigor, and vitality in his paintings. With his original gold frame, his works are reminiscent of the works of ancient masters.
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