Arlene Shechet: Moon in the Morning

Moon in the Morning is a solo exhibition of new and recent work by the American sculptor Arlene Shechet, which features 9 sculptures, including large and small works, and 2 new works.

The artist's approach to creating unique, biomorphic, vibrantly colored sculptures is both highly technical and completely intuitive, without the use of drawings or skeletons as part of the creative process. Guided by a universal urge, the artist travels back and forth through her work, embracing improvisation and contingency as she brings sculpture to life. Her ceramic pieces are marked by intricate finishes, which the artist creates by layering glazes over several firings.

In the exhibition, she invigorates her personal work with a combination of geometric and organic forms, cultivating a dialogue between them. The physical representation of fragmentation and cohesion – and the emotional and psychological resonance that goes with it, is at the heart of the artist’s practice and approach to exhibition-making.

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