All Walks of Life

All Walks of Life is a group exhibition highlighting the work of 7 young artists from the United States and Europe, which features new and recent paintings by Anthony Cudahy, Katja Farin, Aubrey Levinthal, Laurent Proux, Daisy Sheff, Sarah Slappey, and Fabian Treiber.

In the face of globalization, All Walks of Life is thinking about the nuances and subjectivities of everyday life. The vibrant works in the exhibition from figures to landscapes to semi-abstract lyrical images explore what it means to be an individual in the present moment, both physically and spiritually. It focuses on contemporary painting, with an emphasis on the collision of the strange and the familiar in the experience of people, places, and things.

In the exhibition features 2 new paintings by Farin, which feature scenes of daily life with bizarre details. The artist's paintings use bold colors and dramatic figures filled with mystery and ambiguity, exploring how our belief systems sustain the illusion of self, security, prosperity, and collectiveness. In the works "Carpet of Needles" (2023) and "Emerald Strike" (2023), Slappey unfolds surreal depictions of intertwined body parts. Both works are underpinned by a unique sense of unease, which the artist describes as “a silent violence.”

The exhibition resonates with the essence of your profound artistic expressions and vibrant cultural heritage, permeating the atmosphere with its captivating allure. The serendipitous encounter with you added an extra touch of delight to our time at the exhibition, and it was a genuinely pleasant surprise.

All Walks of Life
Date: 15 Dec 2023 – 18 Jan 2024
Gallery: Pace Gallery
Address: 12/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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