Alice Anderson: Human/ Non-human Interactions

Human/ Non-human Interactions is a solo exhibition by British-French artist Alice Anderson, which is dancing the original form of artistic expression. It has only one instrument - the body - but it creates movement, line, form, and rhythm. It connects us with the earth, the sky, the universe, and nature. Generate new forms of painting and sculpture by calling for dance rituals.

The artist has a special relationship with objects, which for her are "non-human entities". She tries to remember all the tools of today's technology, including computer batteries, phones, alkaline batteries, drones, hard drives, and even packaging boxes, either wrapping them with copper-colored wires or leaving their colorful imprints on canvas. In handling these wires, she uses slow gestures and imprints through dance moves individually or in groups, restoring the connection between life and matter, human and non-human.

The colorful patterns appearing on black paper or felt suggest constellations, circles, and swirls. The repeating rhythm of these triangular or cubic geometries sometimes resembles contemporary totem poles in vertical layering. Immerse objects in paint, then touch the canvas with her movements and breath. She repeats the process with another color. This ballet between body, object, and floor - used as a dance mat - is extremely precise and complex. The artist says she doesn't care about the visuals or aesthetics of the work. What matters to her is the physical relationship to the environment: this pattern stems from the physical energy in motion. The material status of these "paintings" is ambiguous. Although they evoke gestural abstract paintings or even drip paintings, they are actually traces of behavior, whose themes are random but still very strong and visually coherent.

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