Adia Millett: You Will Be Remembered

You Will Be Remembered is a second solo exhibition by the contemporary American multi-media artist Adia Millett, which presents the power of mid-twentieth-century jazz recordings and the music they inspired into the future. The artist spent days and weeks listening to selected music and reading thoughtful essays about it. She subsequently produced a series of vibrant abstract paintings, fully engaged in the encounter between jazz and the writing it inspired. In effect, she throws a listening party that spans time and space.

Many of the artist's long-loved geometric figures and symbols, such as pyramids, triangles, prisms, and arrows, are found in her paintings, which appear to be stacked, woven, or otherwise tightly juxtaposed. Newly considered logos like iridescent arches and tactical, one-point perspectives are here too. Also evident is her ongoing interest, research, and admiration for quilting techniques, stained glass construction, and thoughtful design patterns.

Adia Millett - <<You Will Be Remembered>>
Date: 9 Nov – 31 Dec 2022
Gallery: Galerie du Monde
Address: 108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong
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