Adam McEwen

The solo exhibition by the New York–based British artist Adam McEwen features a cross-section of his work, including new paintings and sculptures made with graphite, a material with which he is closely associated.

The practice tends to foreground and isolate banal objects - yoga mats, water fountains, plastic cups to the point where they are detached from familiar, reassuring meanings. Graphite or cast iron sculptures are, for all intents and purposes, direct and accurate representations, suggesting a sense of uncanny and slight displacement.

Likewise, his recent paintings present everyday objects in a simplified graphic language, decontextualizing them and freeing them from their usual meanings. There is no other reason for choosing these topics which seems to have some importance. By simplifying their description, these themes become easier to understand, and the relationship between the theme and the audience becomes stronger and more dynamic than the relationship between the theme and its everyday meaning.

Adam McEwen
Date: 2 Feb – 9 Mar 2024
Gallery: Gagosian
Address: 7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

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