Zheng Chong-Bin: Immeasurable Things

Immeasurable Things is a solo exhibition by the San Francisco-based Mainland Chinese artist Zheng Chong-Bin, which showcases an intertwined and unstable space where the boundaries between humans, technology, and the environment become blurred. Time is stretched, erasing the differences between the past, present, and future.

Life Flows Within and Without You (2024) is a three-channel video projection. In this reflective dwelling, our experience of existence is closely linked to our perception of ourselves and the world around the viewers. Visual philosophy links phenomenology to new materialism. The hybrid practice of painting, video, and light-space installation explores the spectrum of perception through the experience of self and existence.

Painting is the aesthetic foundation of his media works, which showcase the artist's visual vocabulary through contrasts of geometric forms and natural elements. Exploring materiality in form, ink and paint on rice paper are layered and collaged to create compositions that evoke a sense of movement. Ink imitates the flow of the mind, the flow of energy in all beings, and the flow of the universe.

Thank you very much for showing us around at your gallery. We were most impressed.

Zheng Chong-Bin - << Immeasurable Things >>
Date: 21 Mar – 1 Jun 2024
Gallery: Galerie du Monde
Address: 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

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