Zhang En-Li: Face

Face is a solo exhibition by the oeuvre of Shanghai-based artist Zhang En-Li, which focuses on the new possibilities of the artist’s expressive power, building on the imagery of descriptive titles seeking to capture the "essence" of his subjects rather than their physical representation through these works.

The artist's distinctive style in painting aesthetics is evident through the utilization of a diverse palette and application technique. Dynamic brushstrokes interweave and overlap vibrant spheres, showcasing the artist's unique approach. By projecting personal concerns and memories onto the canvas, a harmonious fusion of reality and imagination is achieved, resulting in a profoundly personal and evocative impression.

The artist's creative practice was deeply influenced by literature, most notably Sherwood Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio," which he initially encountered during his college years in 1985. Anderson's portrayal of characters, characterized by meticulous observation and a yearning for the complexities hidden beneath the surface, resonated profoundly with the artist's personal experiences and familial memories, instilling in him a profound concern for the destiny of "ordinary individuals." The characters' facial features no longer hold primary significance; instead, they assume symbolic significance, leaving indelible imprints of their identities and life narratives within the titles of the artworks.

Congratulations on your new space and new adventure! To the dynamic exhibition, may your new space be a reflection of your love, teamwork, and shared beautiful artwork with us.

Zhang En-Li - << Face >>
Date: 24 Jan – 9 Mar 2024
Gallery: Hauser and Wirth
Address: G/F, 8 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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