Yang Bodu: The Death of Ying

The Death of Ying is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Yang Bodu, which takes the viewer into a mystical sanctuary of vast interiors and architectural wonders, it highlights the dramatic moments and "abstract atmosphere" that permeate an exhibition space.

Filled with an irresistible sense of intimacy and introspection, this deeply personal exploration of personal narrative and literary allusion chronicles a heartfelt journey that spans universal persistence and tender reconciliation. The works have an indescribable sense of drama and cruelty. The word "Death" points to the final moment of life's embrace, condensing the intertwined elements of fear. , uniqueness and familiarity exist

In Yang's narration, her death is like a story that happened 10 years ago, and the distant scene is like a fascinating movie script, intertwined with romance, pain, unremitting pursuit, and unyielding stubbornness. In this exhibition, 3 works depicting Marilyn Monroe echo her story. An emblem of the American cultural landscape of the 1950s, Monroe remains an enigmatic symbol of her time, and her early death is shrouded in mystery. In a moment of pride and glory, the girl's death brings to mind an eagle soaring majestically in the sky as a symbol of resilience and unbridled freedom.

Yang Bodu - << The Death of Ying >>
Date: 23 Mar – 11 May 2024
Gallery: Mou Projects
Address: 202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
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