Marlon Mullen

Marlon Mullen is the first exhibition of the American artist Marlon Mullen who suffers from autism spectrum disorder and expressive aphasia.

Using rarely spoken language, The artist found a way to interact with the outside world through painting. Often use rich and vibrant brushstrokes to copy pages from art publications, auction catalogs, and artist monographs. His work is mainly about laying the canvases flat on the table, looking down on them, and using a unique technique to copy text from his source. Sometimes he mixes acrylic paint on the canvas itself. Therefore, the fragility of the artist's communication through oral communication is transformed into a creative process that interprets words only for their formal value. If the letters on his canvas disappear or simply disappear under the paint layer, and the image retains most of the color, it is not surprising. The same happens with the shapes the artist often uses, such as blocks, bands, and branches

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