August Thunbo: Seasons

Seasons is a solo exhibition by the Danish artist August Thunbo, which showcases 14 paintings that incorporate forgotten and discarded everyday objects of urban life into the paintings.

The core of the work revolves around the fusion of various human perceptions, such as loneliness, feelings of abandonment, and the exploration of the myth of his native Denmark. He describes his artistic themes as coming from his interest in small things, his preference to observe things that most people ignore or have not noticed, and he even gets major inspiration from many discarded objects. Explore the shape and combination relationship of different elements, stack various recognizable objects on the picture in seemingly random configurations, connect the interactions of different times and spaces through loose representational relationships, and eliminate the original boundaries of various objects in different materials are also harmonized.

It is highly influenced and linked to changes in emotions, which shows the profound interaction between environment and mood. It is also an issue that humans have been pursuing and exploring since ancient times. There is a long tradition of creation using light as an element, showing the subtle state and purity of light emerging from darkness.

August Thumbo - << Seasons >>
Date: 1 Feb – 22 Mar 2024
Gallery: Gaia Art Space
Address: 2101, Landmark South, 39 Yip Kan St, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
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