Rohit Kumar

Courtesy of the artist - Rohit Kumar; Untitled, 2018; acrylic with Sushi rice grains on paper; 26 x 31 in.; (66 x 78.7 cm.)
Rohit Kumar (b. 2000) was born and grew up in Shimla, Kangra, India, a self-taught full-time artist specializing in still life, acrylic and rice painting, and also receives a formal education in Engineering.

From an early age, Kumar's concentration or interest in art forced him in training to see objects differently, the process to discover and focus on a new artistic technique - rice painting.

His artwork focuses primarily on details with grains of rice which are adjusted and settled on canvas by the needle. Each piece is an exploration of numerous detailed and delicate lines with rice gains, settled by one until they form in a figure. By using acrylic on rice, he uses the rich tones that acrylic provides to give his rice painting a strong physical presence.

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