Zhang Yan-Zi: Where The Heart Is

Where the Heart Is is a new solo show by the leading Chinese artist Zhang Yanzi.
When the pandemic hit, the artist was visiting her daughter in New York City, forcing her to be locked down in the city for several months. The artist witnessed conflicts and disharmony, increased tensions, and the eruption of disunity and disharmony, drawing inspiration from the unprecedented stress test of modern civilization. Refusing to be discouraged, Zhang Yanzi used these events as a catalyst to invade our shared values and our cherished hopes more widely.

The exhibition contemplates the invisible bond that unites the community and family in adversity and prosperity. She rejects the prevailing premonitions of social alienation and alienation, and cultivates connections and common aspirations, seeking salvation and common ground. In the process, the artist studied the role art must play in forming lasting bonds, and honestly assessed its effectiveness in imminent threats and ongoing emergencies. At the same time, she explored real and imaginary refuges, which produced a sense of security and home, and explored the elasticity and essence of the invisible lines that surround us.
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