Tracing the Fragment

Tracing the Fragment is a collaborative collection of outstanding works of from Central Eastern Europe and Chinese contemporary art, and the differences they show are extremely similar. This series explores the concept of time and space, treating us as the formation and interpretation of memory. Each work represents a part of personal experience, can be interpreted as part of a broader collective memory, has historical significance, forms a dialogue with each other and enriches each other's narrative.

Many important artists from Central and Eastern Europe were trained in the second half of the 20th century. The older generations constantly re-examine their artistic language to express their ideas in visual art. Later, these avant-garde and underground artists became mainstream. They began to communicate with young artists in art and helped them find their own visual language.

Outside of Central Eastern Europe, many artists are also facing a constantly changing world, and art has become a means of recording their personal experiences and understanding of the broader geopolitical context that contributed to such artistic creation. In the era of new media digitization and creative technology, artists began to record their personal experimental journeys and manipulate documentaries and fictional novels.
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