Pipilotti Rist: Behind Your Eyelid

Behind Your Eyelid is a major new exhibition by the internationally renowned Swiss media artist Pipilotti Rist, which showcases her iconic moving image installation—highly immersive, deeply sensual, and insightful—wraps the viewer in a virtual embrace of sound, color, and moving image.

Throughout the exhibition's journey, glimpses of how the artist brought on-screen video into physical space. The image behind the eyelids becomes visible "a momentary image of our subconscious mind when we are half-awake, euphoric, nostalgic or nervous. Walking and stretching in his captivating installations, which evoke meditative introspection as well as joy and excitement, open up explorations of the body and image, the external environment, and the inner landscape of the mind.

From immersive experiences to dreamy lyrical ballads, from early experimental works to the artist's latest commissions in the building, viewers will encounter works old and new that may even be infected by the artist's joyous, rebellious spirit.

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