Kai Chen - Supernova

Supernova is the debut Hong Kong solo exhibition of emerging Chinese artist Kai Chen, which is featuring a new series of abstract paintings.

Kai's coloured pencil sketches and oil paintings are full of complicated stippling, dance of colors, overlapping layers and strong brushstrokes. His creative process is attributed to the close coexistence of the painter and the painting materials, which constitutes the uncertainty of each brushstroke that cannot be replicated and the visual atmosphere that expands the boundary of the frame. Just as the flow of personal signature depicts the uniqueness of the individual, the small dots, rich textures and details presented by the brush strokes are completely different from the geometric forms of mechanical reproduction. Dating back to Georges Seurat’s (1859-1891) exploration of pointillism techniques, the balance, difference and structure of tiny color points, in addition to technological development, Seurat also used exquisite, calm environment and the solidified way depicts characters and landscapes. The atmosphere is orderly. In the "Day/Night" small abstract painting series and the "Untitled (Supernova I, II)" series, the artist uses classical eyeliner brushes, stippling techniques and color points to condense infinite poses and necessary energy:

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