Haim Steinbach: tin drum

tin drum is a solo exhibition of new and recent work by the Israeli-American artist Haim Steinbach, which features work from the past two decades, reflecting the artist's engagement with everyday objects and the aesthetic and cultural significance of the methods of selection and display.

In the exhibition, a group of red and black sculptures refers directly to the Russian Constructivist palette. Formally coherent but thematically broad, they draw upon the history of art and popular culture, through their precise object-oriented language, to draw upon what is unique and ubiquitous. For example, Solar Light (2016) consists of a black and red wedge-shaped shelf lined with black rubber King Kong Dog Chews, plastic solar bears, and metal Star Wars lunch boxes. Objects circulating in everyday life, with a strong memory value, are here destabilized by their rearrangement and recontextualization.

He first introduced the Kong Dog Chew Toy to his shelf work around 2005, where it acts as a kind of punctuation. When erected on a shelf in Steinbach, the object takes on a quasi-architectural presence, with its repetitive curves also reminiscent of the modernist sculptures of Constantin Brâncuși and Hans Arp. At the same time, the use of objects on the shelf, like words in a poem, notes in music, or forms in a painting, rhythm, and repetition, similarities and differences, vividly stimulate the whole. As the artist said: "We communicate through objects as we communicate through language". If we understand the objects in Steinbach's work as words, the shelves provide a grammar or structure, and Steinbach likens their role to the grid of a musical score or a chessboard.
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