Chen Wei: The Last Night

The Last Night is the first solo exhibition by the Beijing-based artist Chen Wei @chenweichenwei, which is gazing at the urban space, from large-scale photography to cross-media lighting installations, the landscapes in these works are full of intimacy, and the still life also reveals magnificence.

The works of the artist showcase the common experience of urbanites: dreams, malfunctions, afterimages, and memories are intermingled, between fiction and reality, man-made objects and fragments. They form a "new city" landscape that resists abstraction and firmly preserves specific objects and life experiences. The nostalgic sentimentality is difficult to shelter in the present, so "The Last Night" bid farewell to the sad gaze of the past. It looked ahead and saw a new city under construction.

With the rapid development of cities, people often feel that they can’t catch up, and lack time and space to reflect on the great changes before them. This kind of complex and empty feeling is indescribable, and the only thing that can be used to describe the emotions of "The Last Night" may be contemplation.

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