Aaron Johnson: Me and You in the Cosmic Stew

Me and You in the Cosmic Stew is a solo exhibition by the American artist Aaron Johnson, which showcases a series of new paintings are displayed, in which elegant figures blend invisible colors, juicy luminosity, and radiant blur. His fluent painting method is rooted in the tradition of color gamut painting, washing the original canvas with colors on the floor, letting spontaneity and unpredictability drive the composition.

As a bold colorist, the artist invites colors to collide and fight, or beat and find harmony. With the explosion like a big bang, celestial bodies appear and dissolve into the color gamut action painting space. These new paintings allow fluid color movements to freely occupy as much space as figurative language, integrating seemingly opposing painting agendas, pushing and pulling between figurative and abstract. Larger works take us on a journey through other dimensions, earth phenomena, and interstellar love stories. On the purple earth, the largest canvas, a pair of lovers seem to conjure many peculiar purple piles of earth amidst the chaotic noise of the universe. Here we are all, the audience is welcomed into a gathering of ethereal figures, and the vibration of colors and light. The artist imagines these dramas as happening on the cusp of the material world and spiritual realm. Perhaps it is the gathering of collective consciousness that opens the door to the unknown.

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