Yi Yi Jeong-Eun: Alive, Alive, Oh

Alive, Alive, Oh is a solo show of new works by the Korean artist Yi Yi Jeong-Eun, which showcases a new dimension of painting that explores the artist's world mindfully in a new and radical way, so that we begin to see our own world through her eyes. The horizon becomes full of freshness, color, and new optimism.

The work is imbued with the colorful energy of the surrounding landscape, seeking to radiate the joy, glory, and ephemerality of the natural world rather than seeking refuge in purely figurative description. Nature is an object and a place that makes her most acutely aware of one of the things that are changing, like when the clouds move across the sky, people realize that living alive.

A gleaming celebration of the beauty of nature, the paintings are drenched in hopeful summer tones, presenting a radiant stage beneath a horizon of sunshine and rainbows. Nature is central to the artist's practice and understanding of her own artistic evolution, giving rise to dramatic inner tensions on canvas.
Yi Yi Jeong-Eun - << Alive, Alive, Oh >>
Date: 2 Nov – 10 Dec 2023
Gallery: Galerie Ora-Ora
Address: 105-107, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, Central, Hong Kong

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