Wang Dong-ling: Entangled Energies

Entangled Energies is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist and calligrapher Wang Dong-ling, which showcases his culmination of a lifelong pursuit, this art is both universal and Chinese, forward-looking yet rooted in the past.

The highlight is a set of calligraphy works written on transparent colored acrylic. Through the interaction with the lighting in the space, the rhythm and momentum of the calligraphy are transformed into an all-encompassing aesthetic realm, allowing the audience to experience the impact of the tension contained in the "Entangled" calligraphy on public space.

This immersive exhibition marks a defining moment in the renowned artist’s practice and opens the door to an in-depth understanding of Chinese calligraphy. The works on display include a commemorative "Entangled Script" and 2 "Tea Poems by Su Shi" measuring 5 m. long. There is also a set of calligraphy written on transparent colored acrylic, as well as special features including 2 video installations in collaboration with media artist Jeffrey Shaw. The film records the artist's writing process and transforms the dance of the brush into a ritual performance.

Wang Dong-ling - << Entangled Energies >>
Date: 23 Sep – 1 Nov 2023
Gallery: Hanart TZ Gallery
Address: 2nd Floor, Mai On Industrial Building, 19 Kung Yip Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

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