OVR: A Thought; A Unique Attribute

A Thought; A Unique Attribute

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“Sincerity is a unique attribute of these talents. The artist has been doing things he likes which is definitely not for grandstanding, not to please others, and use what they are best at to describe truthfully, things and things he perceives, pain and pleasure, bitterness and sweetness. The intention is self-perception completely amplified, refined, and explore, etc.” – Nansen


Rì Galerie 日空間 is thrilled to present a solo online exhibition of a series of new painting by the Inner Mongolia artist Nansen entitled A Thought, A Unique Attribute. The exhibition is now available on view.


In passion for life and dedication to art caused the artist to consistently focus on the objective of his creative journey. It is precisely because of the passion for painting, perseverance, and persistence for art. In this way, Nansen realized that painting is a simple and joyful lifestyle form, just like eating which is a habit in daily life and necessary. Through the process of painting, he learned how to be an experiencer by putting himself together, and at the same time, he can also act as a bystander at the right time. Painting has been integrated with the artist's life, naturally transformed as part of the artist's lifestyle, and neither is indispensable causing present, and it will remain the same in the future.


Zhuang Zhou regards "Tao" (道 - Taoist Philosophy) as the spiritual essence of all things, and "Yi" (意) is the understanding of "Tao", sublimation, words cannot express all one intends to say and don't exhaust ideas. In the traditional Chinese culture "Yi" (意), governing by non-interference is the philosophy of life, staying focus on the objective even in any uncertainties. The artist realized from this that what he found at this time was the most real, powerful, moving, and infecting people, including himself. Hans Hofman (an early American abstract expression artist) said: "Any profound artistic expression is the product of a conscious feeling of reality. Every time I start drawing, I always like to paint a few strokes on the canvas without a reason and direction, like the casualness and reality that comes naturally, the things around you, the stimulus to the spiritual level of oneself, what you want to express in the end, has reached the end." Clearly, perspective the object, creation is sensual which the dual combination of rationality and sentimental, and possessive, which is all for the full expression of self-emotion, twisted brushstrokes, flowing colours, heavy textures, and emotional explosions, through the individual mental state, using abstract, the colour is beautifully translated, which is exactly a complete unity.


With self-superiority and inherent characteristics, symbolic, abstract colours, both improvisational and meticulous, poetic symbolism, philosophical connotation, and satirical meaning, it brings a rough sense to the viewer's visual senses. The realism and symbolic significance of the painting style is extremely strong, and it has been influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat,Frida Kahlo, Lucian Freud, this is making his works full of tension, as if "pain" cannot be shared with others, only through painting can completely release his own sense of helplessness.


Inspired by Chinese contemporary poetry Haizi's "Death with Heart" (海子 - 傾心死亡), an ultimate philosophical understanding of art and life is one of the reasons why the artist's works glow with divinity and immortality. It belongs to the kind of eulogy that uses the soul to praise for art and painting, a purely spiritual painting creation.


About Nansen:

Nansen was born in Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia, China in 1982. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Inner Mongolia Normal University, majoring in oil painting, and currently developing art creation in Shanghai. In his artistic journey, he opened up the boundary between painting and poetry its became fascinated by these two seemingly opposed practices of communicating and challenging each other, and then blended the essence of poetry into painting skills, turn out his works unconsciously ooze poetic.

Instagram: @nansen555

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